Friday, February 27, 2009

laptop ku...

yes2...desktop yg dh elok semula...lpas start up sume jd mcm asal..

yg pling penting, vista aku ade ruang yg cukup untuk berkarya...aku save 30 gb untuk vista saje...nk mampus..hehe..

hari itu, aku hantar laptop untuk di format..n org kedai tu bengong sungguh x pandai format laptop aku..die kate halfway, laptop aku padam sendiri...haha, aku touching..trus g kedai tu..aku ckp kat die jual cd windows tu kat aku...aku format sendiri kat rumah..which aku leh buat sendiri actually..tapi gatal2 tgn nak hantar kedai now sume dah selesai..hehe..

p/s:result dh dpt, laptop dh elok, phone dh stabil smule..briyani pun dh mkn..hehe..

Result sem 2..

Alhamdulillah...aku lega coz dh dpt result..
beban cuti ni dh yg beban nye cuti dh nak abes..
haha...tapi lumrah khidupan kot..nk wat cane...
ape2 pun, aku ucapkan syukur ke hadrat ilahi..
sem 2 dh sem 3 dtg..
new challenges, new environment again?
lets see..hehe..

p/s:chem lab...touching aku..

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Liverpool 1-1 Manchester City

Liverpool's title hopes suffered a major dent against Manchester City at Anfield.

The Reds are now seven points behind leaders Manchester United after being held to this draw.

Former Liverpool striker Craig Bellamy put the visitors ahead after the break, and although Dirk Kuyt equalised, the home side could not force a winner.

p/s: in my opinion, Manchester City played very well in keeping Liverpool at bay...they were very brave, putting more effort in attacking by leaving robinho upfront with his pacy skills, and bellamy with his strong feet...credits to zabaleta, ireland, and shay given...that was one fantastic match to watch..

kerna boring..akibatnye.

Toyota Supra...not the fastest..but worth showing it..simple and appealing.. of my

the other Porsche..slower than Carrera, but definitely faster than Kenari..haha.

Subaru, love the lining from hood to dream..

Lastly, my favourite..Evo, certainly not the fastest, but handling wise..Manttoop..

These are some of the collections from my 17-cars-series..ask Haziq, Irham, Opie, n Arip..they definitely gonna know about this..nk pinjam yg mane..ckp je..

tlg aku..

Click the image to enlarge...pade sape2 yg celik computer atau laptop...tgk masalah aku...
aku buat partition C ni untuk Windows Vista saje..tapi sjak balik ni...
storage mengecik sampai tinggal averagely 600 mb je...
panas gile aku...aku dh try clean up gune windows dgn gune Tune Up Utilities..
any suggestion guys??


Mood unstable

byk gile bende berlaku time cuti ni...tapi sume best2 lah...
tapi one thing yg aku x brape berkenan skrg...
prasaan nervous menunggu result sem 2 ni..
huhu, aku mmg gile takut...
tp mane2 exam pun, aku mmg akan mengalami prasaan2 unpleasant tu..
it's just a matter of controllong them...
n usually, aku mmg x leh kontrol lah prasaan itu..haha..
org ckp result keluar 27th ni...
hahah, kalau x perform, duit x dpt..hahaha..
tapi tu bukan bottom line lah (aku tipu, duit itu penting..)
bak kate Ustaz Hassan tadi...tawakal ni di imaginasikan dgn bertani..
kite tanam biji sawi contohnya, pas tu letak baja...pas tu siram.. pas tu jaga..
n pas tu kite tawakallah, same ade sawi itu tadi tumbuh or x....
same lah dgn hidup ni, pas berusaha sungguh2, dgn sume penat lelah...
jerit2 di malam hari lpas pukol 12.15, etc...
tawakal je lah aku...

p/s: solat hajat jap..

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

22 hours...what else?

Edwin van der Sar's extraordinary run of clean sheets in the Barclays Premier Leagues goes on and on.

The Manchester United star kept out Fulham at Old Trafford to extend his record to an incredible 14 games.

That is a whopping 1,302 minutes without conceding - and Sportsmail has got thinking on just what else the keeper could have done in the almost 22 hours he has spent unbeaten between the sticks.

1. Count the £10,333 he earns in wages every 22 hours.

2. Watch every minute of United's triumphant Champions League campaign from last season.

3. Drive to Wembley and back to Manchester three times. Beware the traffic, though.

4. Fly to his native Holland and back seven times.

5. Watch a replay of last year's epic Wimbledon final between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer four times in a row - with time for a half-hour kip before each viewing.

6. Time to make Heston Blumenthal's perfect Spaghetti Bolognese three times. Recommended simmering time: seven to eight hours

7. Complete a 'normal' 22-hour shift on one of the dangerous fishing boats featured in the hit TV series Deadliest Catch.

8. Sit down for the entire first series of 24 with time for a cup of tea between each episode.

9. Plenty of time to complete the Ironman Triathlon. A 2.4 mile swim and 112m bike followed by a marathon. Current world record: 8hrs 4mins 8sec.

10. Do 28 full cycles on the Tube's Circle Line (journey time: 47 minutes). Regular commuters will deny one is possible, let alone 28.

sejam lagi..

ohh boringnya...

listening to - Superhuman -

ade lagi sejam lebih b4 match Manchester United vs Fulham..
boringnyer...dh puas pusing2 internet ni...
x tau nk g mane lagi dah..
haaa, tau nk buat ape...

jgn tgk... :D

ngomelan tgh2 mlm ni..

skarg SM Sains Kuching tgh bz prepare for Hari Asrama Terbuka yg bakal menjelang sabtu ni....
apart from that, diorang ade hari sukan skolah jugak, n lots of other functions coming up...
tapi satu function yg aku cukup suke of course wind orchestra...n skool aku yg baru jadi cluster school, ade fund from sources n beli alat2 baru..kire replace the whole instruments, n tambah alat2 lain yg jadi kegilaan dan angan2 senior2 band terdahulu termasuk aku..mcm double Bb tuba, double horn, timpani, glock, basson, bass clarrinet..n alat2 yg lame akan di repair n akan tambah strength band skarang...

katenye nanti, alat2 akan jadi double lbih kurang 90 lah approximately..ha, cuak x korg?yg skolah2 p*****r ni?haha..bukn nk kate ape...ini based on komen2 yg dulu lah...ade skool yg alat sampai 100, n strength mmg besar..tapi x pandai balance..bunyi bass lagi kuat dari lead...x harmony langsung...yg diorang tau main kuat2, xde sense langsung...ini bukan kutukan keras kpada mane2 skool lah kan..tapi mcm skool aku dari dulu, strength mmg skit sgt..x lah sgt...tapi mmg effisien lah..dpt tampung bunyi masing2...n hasilnya, bunyi kitorg mmg balance..even x kuat pun, tapi mmg sesuai untuk konsert hall..bukan marching band lah obviously...

tapi itu dulu, alat2 mmg skit...masalah dulu ialah player byk drpd alat...tapi now alat dh banyak giler, aku harap xde masalah xde org nak main lah kan..coz juniors, korg patut rase bersyukur sgt alat2 dh banyak...jage alat2 tu baik2...aku igt lagi time aku form 1, time tu band baru nak naik...cikgu suhaimi pun x dtg lagi..maestro band, Mr andee made us bring the instruments dari bilik band ke dewan makan..huhu x lotih ke tu..haha..and aku jage alat tu btul2...tapi dh naik senior, kemalasan melanda..hehe, biaselah kan...drpd ade band yg even merokok n slumberly hisap clarrinet...or tuba...x gile ke tu?x menodai alat2 tu ke?haha..

aku igt lagi one thing...bende paling aku x suke dlm band ialah kalau conductor kat depan, players x tgk conductor tu, but instead tgk org lain conduct kat belakang...coz bende ni dh pernah jadi kat band aku...dulu2 lah time aku junior..nape ntah, tapi time tu conductor pun x masyuk...tapi as a conductor, org lain kene hormat die...even die x terer sekali pun...kalau nk cut music tu, kene bg tau conductor tu suruh die cut..bukan out of nowhere org lain pegi cut conductor tu..tau x?it's a matter of hormat lah kan..aku sendiri pun jadi gak...tgh2 conduct, ade lak org conduct kat belakang..tapi insan tu bekas conductor lah kan...hahhaa...klau kwn2 aku igt, diorang mesti tau punye...pas insiden tu, aku x suke kat mamat yg conduct belakang2 tu..hehe, tapi hormat die sbagai otai lah.....alah, kalau org kutuk2 belakang korg suke ke?mestilah x kan..haha..neways, pas tu aku sound dak band2 aku, suruh diorang fokus kat aku sorg je, n only me..coz strength orchestra ni, players kene bagikat conductor, n conductor akn balas dgn conduct spenuh jiwa...dgn cara ni, players akn dpt menjiwai ssuatu piece lagu tu...ape lagi kalau lagu slow, melancholic...yg xde poco a poco, yg banyak rittandando..mmg masyuk giler lah aku main pakai tuba...tapi lagu2 mcm ni susah lah, coz buzzing korg kene bagus, time tiup note tu xde bunyi angin langsung..koz bayang kan korg kene main high G tapi loudness piano..x ke kene soft giler tiup tu...??high G kalau tiup kuat pun susah nk dpt..haha..mcm tu lah kirenye...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

who's better?i know...

Sometimes the best explanations are the simplest ones. Princess Diana died because her driver was drunk and going too fast. The Twin Towers were hit by Islamic terrorists, not CIA agents. The continued success of Simon Cowell and the Osbourne family is, indeed, one of the harbingers of the apocalypse.

To this list, we can add the reason Manchester United will, in all likelihood, move five points clear of Liverpool at the top of the Premier League table by beating Fulham tonight.

They have a better team.

Now this may come as a surprise to those still looking for clues to account for the change in the balance of power this season. In recent months, many otherwise rational people have become convinced that Liverpool have frittered away supremacy in the title race based on a combination of rogue and random factors.

Mind games played by Sir Alex Ferguson, the fractious contract negotiations of Rafael Benitez, boardroom unrest at Anfield or any number of peripheral events are believed to have inspired Manchester United to claw away at Liverpool's lead. This is good news for analysts, commentators and headline-writers, who have had, as The Flintstones theme tune puts it, a gay old time.

Without wishing to spoil the fun, however, it is more straightforward than that. Take the best Manchester United XI and the best Liverpool XI and put them together: how many of Benitez's team would get into Ferguson's? Not many. And that is why the championship is again heading for Old Trafford.

By my reckoning, maximum four, minimum two. Split the difference, call it three. Whichever way, there is nothing here to suggest that Liverpool can get the better of Manchester United this season, or next, without substantial upgrading in the summer.

Now, this is not a foolproof system for calculating future champions - it affords no explanation for England's failure to qualify for the 2008 European Championship, for instance - but it is not a bad one.

Using it, Liverpool would be placed above Chelsea, although not by a huge distance. Manchester United, by contrast, would dominate Chelsea with just one player (Frank Lampard) or a generous three (Lampard plus Jose Bosingwa and Ashley Cole) getting into Ferguson's current team.

Assessment is made on form this season, not reputation. So while there may have been a time when Jose Reina, Liverpool's goalkeeper, would have shaded it from Edwin van der Sar, in goal for Manchester United, it is not right now when the Dutchman has beaten a long-standing British record for minutes without conceding a league goal, and is closing in on the 1,390- minute European record set by Dany Verlinden of Club Brugge in Belgium in 1990.

Javier Mascherano is another who would have walked into the holding midfield role at any club last season, but he has been a disappointment this year, perhaps as a result of his exertions for Argentina during the Olympics.

That leaves Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard as the two Liverpool players who would definitely be accommodated in the Manchester United team while, on a good day, one of Xabi Alonso or Mascherano could make the defensive midfield and an out-of-position Jamie Carragher would contend at full back.

Benitez's penchant for drama has drawn understandably negative comment as Liverpool's grip on the prize has weakened, but he cannot be held solely responsible. His squad deficiencies are being exposed just as Manchester United's strength in depth is at its most apparent.

Arsene Wenger, the Arsenal manager, had it right. Asked about the mind games that famously denied Newcastle United the title in 1996, he replied that Newcastle's defence, not Kevin Keegan's outburst on Sky TV, determined the final placings. Logical explanations get you nowhere in the pantomime that is the Premier League, though, so instead we waste valuable time analysing pronouncements from Old Trafford, and their effect, at the expense of crediting what is arguably the finest squad of footballers assembled by an English club.

There has never been a group like the one at Manchester United. Gary Neville versus Wes Brown versus Rafael da Silva, and that is just for the right back spot. Wayne Rooney versus Dimitar Berbatov versus Carlos Tevez versus Cristiano Ronaldo. Yet we ignore this and become distracted by Rafa's rant.

There are similarities with the collapse of England's cricket team in Jamaica two weeks ago, in that several small factors might have made an impact on the cohesion of the team, but none were actually in the middle with bat in hand.

So a certain incendiary quality around Benitez might not have helped Liverpool at a crucial moment in the season, but this is not as significant as a Liverpool squad that remains a work in progress and one at Manchester United that is a work of art.

So Benitez does not get on with Rick Parry, the chief executive? Big deal.

Jimmy Greaves, in wonderfully flippant mode, summed up the inconsequence of departmental relationships on the dressing room, by recalling his time at Tottenham Hotspur. 'Most of us didn't like Bill Nicholson, and Bill Nicholson didn't like us,' he said. 'In fact, the only thing we all agreed on was that we couldn't stand the board of directors.'

Benitez's distance from Parry and George Gillett, one half of the partnership of American owners, may be a problem for the long-term stability of the club and could be very damaging in the summer if he leaves, but it should not be, here and now, an issue for the playing staff. Nor should Benitez's feelings about Ferguson's influence on English football have an effect.

That press conference tirade is often cited as explanation for Liverpool's reversal of fortune, but what would the fall-out be anyway? That Liverpool players rally around Benitez in the desire to stick one up United? They seem to have had that motivation for some while, judging by Mascherano's furious display at Old Trafford last season.

The idea that Benitez's claims put pressure on his players is also ridiculous; as if there were previously no pressure on a Liverpool team with an opportunity to win its first title in the modern era. Had Benitez taken a vow of silence until the end of the season, the tension at Anfield would still be oppressively thick.

The reality is that Liverpool are going up against a colossal group of players at United and no team, not even the lavishly-assembled Chelsea, can live with them right now. They have a unique multiplicity, so even the understudies of understudies would get into many good teams (as Mikael Silvestre did at Arsenal this season).

It is in many ways the perfect squad, because it also provides for the future in players such as Ben Foster, the reserve goalkeeper, and Jonny Evans, who has fitted in magnificently at centre half in the absence of Rio Ferdinand this season.

It is a sign of United's power that they could play an unconventional central midfield of Ryan Giggs and Darren Fletcher against Chelsea and still win comfortably. On another day it might be Michael Carrick and Anderson or Paul Scholes. If Benitez had United's squad he could rant at or fall out with who he liked: he would still win the league, as United almost certainly will.

Now combine the two teams, starting at the back. Both have good keepers, but there can be no argument that a man who has gone 1,212 minutes without conceding a league goal is among the players of the season. Van der Sar, therefore, gets the nod over Reina. He has been on a roll since emerging victorious from the penalty shoot-out at the Champions League final last season.

United have three strong right backs and the only alternative would be to overlook them all for Carragher, Benitez's defensive rock, out of position in a role he has occupied in key matches in Europe. This would be appealing because, to put it bluntly, he is not getting into this team at centre half.

Those positions are reserved for Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic, an early contender for Footballer of the Year. Ferdinand's appearances through the season have been restricted by injury, but Vidic has been a constant and as a partnership they have now surpassed John Terry and Ricardo Carvalho of Chelsea.

At left back, United's Patrice Evra is the best in the country at the moment, ahead of Ashley Cole, of Chelsea.

Midfield brings another Manchester United landslide with Gerrard the only Liverpool player in a four that would comprise Ronaldo, Fletcher and Giggs. Torres would be the goalscoring spearhead, but his partner would be Rooney. Final total: Manchester United 8, Liverpool 3. And one of Liverpool's three gets in with a shoe-horn.

Despite the excellent job done by Roy Hodgson, Manchester United should beat Fulham tonight and, at that moment, a daunting lead will open up. Liverpool still have to go to Old Trafford, so the battle is not over, but the biggest shock of the season would be if United threw it away from here.

If that were the case, there genuinely would be need for an investigation - into whether Ronaldo's heart was still in Manchester, whether Berbatov's arrival had unsettled the team, if Ferguson was correct in his treatment of Tevez.

Were Manchester United to blow it, we would all be looking behind the story for clues. It is easier to work out what has gone wrong at Liverpool, though: the answer is right there, on the teamsheet.

it's me..always..

Being perfect makes me afraid,
Being caring makes my heart separate,
Being lonely makes me feel nobody's beside,
Being happy but pain is still inside,
Being free but i cannot live that way,
Being nobody but it cannot take all the pain away,
Being lazy i feel it is not right,
Being sad in a room without light,
Being myself is what i am trying 2 be,
So just accept what's me!!!

p/s:haha..opzool jgn mrh..heeh..

phone ku..finally...

now listening to -Superhuman-


stelah bbrapa hari berduka yg amat...aku rs touching yg sgt bile phone aku membuat prangai..sblum ni die ckup loyal dgn aku, x pernah betray struk ni..but since my phone jd blank trus...die punye screen x display ape2 except 'whityness' aka keputihan...
dlm 2 hari gaklah bile phone call or msgs masuk x dpt nk buat ape2...kalau org call aku angkat pun x tau sape coz x nampak ape2 kat my phone jd useless buat bbrapa ketika..aku syg phone ni gleng2 sbab ade sentimental value..haha..

anyway, sambung crite td, aku g kat sume kdai kat Matang jaya ni in order nk search for solutions...hmpir sume2 kdai aku pgi cakap mase buat ambik lbih kurang sminggu..nk tukar kabel dari motherboard ke lcd..(??)aku x nk tunggu lame2 coz adik2 aku skang pun tgh silap..maksud aku diorg punye fon pun ade masalah..kalau aku nk sembat fon diorang dlm tempoh pengrepairan amatlah tak wajar at last aku jumpe satu kdai yg bleh siap dlm ms lunch hour die..haha..die buat keje time lunch hour kan..
so mule2 die expect masalah KABEL n approximately aku akan lose about 180 myr to replace the heck of a thing..then at about 1 lebih, die phoned my bro..aku phone die balik n cakap bukan masalah kabel tapi LCD...aku pun redha je coz harge pun naik jd 200 myr..mule2 aku panas, sape suh die pandai2 tukar lcd..mau nye nanti aku x nak bayar, kan nazak die..tapi aku accept gak coz aku x jahat..hahaha..

kol 3, aku pun brjalan kaki ke kedai tersebut..(note abah pakai kenari, so back to basic lah aku..)
cucuk duit n byr wang tebusan untuk fon aku..rupe2nye, die tukar music key phone aku yg mane mmg sudah pecah...huhu...


the problem started at selayang, time aku tukar casing fon aku yg org cakap very colourful..n bole org tu tukar x bagus, casing tu x uptight..bile x uptight, itu pasal sliding key kat phone kau jd pecah..coz force=mass x acceleration...acceleration due to centripetal, supplied by normal to tangent..(merapek kjap..)...itu one thing..n bile casing x ktat, tugas aku menekan2 casing aku supaya die melekap pade housing phone..aku pun prasan gak yg itu dh jadi habit aku...rupe2nye itu lah pasal lcd aku jd rosak, coz aku tkan2 bende jadah itu tiap2 hari, nk ketat psanan aku kpada tauke kat slayang baru, psg elok2 lain kali...aku hilang 200 sbab kau sengal..hugh!!


Monday, February 16, 2009

funny one guys..high school musical..


aku sgt kecewa!!




Sunday, February 15, 2009

Manchester United 4-1 Derby

man utd started the match with ronaldo and giggs upfront..
wide on the left is nani, followed by gibson, fletcher and park jisung far right..
rafael, evra, ferdinand, evans and foster..

courtesy of first half goals by nani and gibson...
shortly after the 2nd half started, ronaldo added the tally...
and at 85th mins, welbeck scored beautifully; curled the ball into the net..


mlm pertama..

yayaya..holla..sharian aku di rumah..enjoying all the privileges to the max...
fast connection, great meals, family members...everything that i wanted for so long..
neways, nothing much to say except that im downloading newest songs in the stream; for the sack of marketability and show-offness later..
mlm ni ade match man utd...against derby...its been a long time, since the day i watched football matches alone, with well-prepared maggie..n no distractions by other people..(dont get me wrong kwn2 sebola ku..)..

oklah..gtg now...nanti lah aku post lagi..byk nak cakap..hehe..tata..

Friday, February 13, 2009

mimpi ku td..

morning guys...pagi ni hari aku x dimulakan dgn baik..aku mimpi yg teramat sadis...
takut gile aku..haha, n lega gile aku bile bgn dn berkata, "fuh...babek!"..haha..
mainan syaitan ni jadi bile otak tgh stress or keadaan tidur yg tidak sempurna kan..
yelah, tidur ni ade byk stage...ade 4 stage...1st stage, tidur x lena...2nd, tidur awang2-an...3rd stage tidur lena..
stage last iaitu tidur nak mampus...hehe..the first 2 n the last stage biasenye dpt mimpi2 yg skt hati...
sbab tu korg kalau bgn dari tidur yg amat lame rs mcm mamai n x sdar diri nk ktuk kpale sendiri kat bucu dinding..
eh x lah smpi mcm tu..hehe..n 1 more thing kalau b4 tidor korg x basuh kaki..hehe...

pagi ni paijiq n irham, espada, hotshot..(sape lagi eh) ade exam calculus 1 kat library...wishing diorang sume dpt jwb soklan tanpa terkial2..haha..n wish me the best for chem lab ptang ni..hehe..k ahh..bye2..

esok balik..

olla...internet mlm2 mcm ni mmg cam hampeh..tah ape2...aku rs diorang sj buat down thus budak2 dpt study for final esok..hehe, esok final day exam kitorg..aku de exam kol 4.30 sampai 5.30...x tau nk study ape pun..tapi nsb baek ade paper final previous sjak hbs physics2 2 hari lpas...laptop aku jd serbuan..menjadi pusat kejar-mengejar antara pak polisi dan kereta2 gempak ku..(bkan kreta aku game org aku sembat..)haha..n aku bangga diorang boleh dpt heat 5 for permulaan..wakaka..

tapi yg plg best skali esok ialah....haha...aku balik Kuching!!huaaaa...internet laju...air cond...kereto...lorong 4...everrise..kwn2 lame...(even x ramai yg ade..mmg malang..)yg ado pun nazri kawi, n alli je kot..sape2 lagi ade tlg bagitau..x pun aku carik mlm ni kene kmab brg ckit2...bukn2..byk2...n x sure lagi nk ltak brg kat bilik siapa..buat pengetahuan u all, kitorg kene charge 90 2 minggu just nak ltak barang...n itu pun bukan 90 satu rumah, tapi satu blik sahaja..nonsense...mahal gile...tah ape2...clearly diorang nk duit..90 nk buat ape???diorang byr bil letrik ke ape?buat maintenance kat rumah ke?kalau aku blik xde jacuzzi dlm toilet aku siaplah..haha..(vain..i know..)

x sbrnye nk balik..wakakaa...aku main game je 2 hari ni..termasuk lah kwn2 aku..yelah, xkn nak buat tutorial kot kan..haha..gile ape..tapi esok chem lab sejam shj, dgn 20 soalan objektif..kalau x pun diorang tukar format..itu bukan hal aku lah kan..nk wat camne...

esok aku igt nk grak dari uni10 dlm lpas maghrib..thnx to azie, sudi hantar aku g klia...yelah sementelah ( ape tu??) die nk balik sepang jugak that silap..tomorrow nite..hehe..aku igt nk rasuah die burger king ke ape ke nanti kat klia..hehe..gempak mat..ter"baik2..."(ikut stail espada..)..

oklah..till n ever...bye2..

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tagged by Alya..

Senaraikan 5 hadiah yang anda impikan:
* Kete2 idaman aku dlm NFS MW..
* I-phone 3g
* Boot Canterburry 'A' Class..
* Tiket ke match bola Man UTD
* Vanilla Cupcakes..(eh melalut..)

Alasan terhadap pilihan tersebut:
* aku kuat imagine..
* fon itu best...
* nak pijak org2 dgn stud 6 yg mencengkam kalbu
* Sbab aku gile same Man U..
* Ntah...tibe2 je..

5 Impresi terhadap orang yang diminati
* sarcastic.
* adorable..
* cool..
* very independent..
* nk diet gk ke?

5 Perkara hebat yang pernah dilakukan
* bace ikrar Hari Kebangsaan..(hebat lah tu..hahaha..)
* tarik diri dari present s****** sambil sedu-sedan..
* debate dlm keadaan badan yg bergoyang2..(kene tgur mr james..)
* gaduh...(kalau pukul belakang org pas tu lari cpat2 gaduh ke?)
* ckp physics best..(realitinye?hmmm...)

5 Ciptaan yang paling disukai (tidak semestinya melibatkan teknologi)
* Linkin Park
* Manchester United.
* Lily Cole..
* NFS..
* 'Cold' sensation

5 perkara yang dibenci
* aku cpat touching..
* jd org tgh..nk jd org dpan gak..haha..
* mintak ym tp x kene layan..hahaha..
* org prasan bgs..
* x puaskn ht org..

5 orang yang hendak ditag
* Nadia K
* Che Det
* Nadzuqa
* Irham MIAM
* He qing..

round up..

Assalamualaikum...lame gile x post ney.. exam aku dh start this week n believe me it wasnt easy...
why shuld u believe me either?bleh tgk dari muke2 students foundation yg kluar exam hall...
yg pnuh dgn harapan..monyok, termasuk lah aku..haha..
nsb baik physics lab wasnt that hard...neway, easier than sem 1 rasanya..
x tau knape..time sem 1 dulu...physics lab mmg puaka..bukan nk kate ape..
just nak compare dgn sem 1 last paper will be on saturday...
ptang2 lak tu..kol 4.30 kot..that will be chemistry lab...n ill be in kuching that same night...
cant wait for that moment...
looking forward to meet my family...
frens, n also the school band...with all the new instruments..

now im loosing up a lil bit..past few weeks were very deadly to me...n all of us...
tiap2 ari ngadap buku jerk...n tutors...huhu...
what i can say is that physics 2 is a tough subject...ahh, sume makin susah kot...
dgn aku n rakan2 yg mningkat remaja..(apakah???)haha...
aku rs kitorg perlukan paradigm shift untuk trime result nanti..huhu..tapi ape2 pun...
rumah ku di kuching mari dulu...hehehe...

1 more thing, england lost to spain last night..courtesy of villa's and iniesta's goals...
aku rs team mlm tadi sume 2nd team...key players sume rested, n injured...satu2 nye first team england cume carrick..
hehe...mesti mau support man utd bai..haha...

ok lah..aku mandi jap...heeyyyaa...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

jln2 tgk hartanah..

Taman Ampangan Jaya, Sikamat...