Sunday, April 25, 2010

PFA award goes to.

1. Wayne lands PFA Award

*Where Rooney's goals have come this season...
Hull (5)
Portsmouth (4)
Milan (4)
West Ham (3)
Wigan (3)
Arsenal (2)
Fulham (2)
Man City (2)
Aston Villa (1)
Bayern (1)
Birmingham (1)
Blackburn (1)
Burnley (1)
Chelsea (1)
Liverpool (1)
Tottenham (1)
Wolves (1)

Wayne Rooney has been named Professional Footballers' Association Players' Player of the Year - winning the prestigious award as voted for by his peers for the first time in his career.

The 24-year-old beat fellow front-running candidates Didier Drogba, Cesc Fabregas and Carlos Tevez and was presented with the trophy at a ceremony on Sunday night.

Rooney has had an incredible season, scoring 34 goals in 42 league appearances - his best return since joining United in 2004.

The Reds no.10 started the 2009/10 campaign by scoring seven goals in eight games, and he hasn't looked back. His best spell came between the end of November and March, scoring an astonishing 25 goals in 23 games.

The PFA trophy remains in a United player's hands for a fourth consecutive year, after wins for Cristiano Ronaldo (2007 and 2008) and Ryan Giggs last season.

Rooney, who has said that he expects to play again for United this season, was also nominated for the Young Player of the Year award, but was beaten to that title by Aston Villa's James Milner.

However, he did make the PFA's Premier League team of the year, along with fellow Reds Patrice Evra, Darren Fletcher and Antonio Valencia. The team in full is: Hart (Birmingham); Ivanovic (Chelsea), Dunne (Villa), Vermaelen (Arsenal), Evra (United), Valencia (United), Fabregas (Arsenal), Fletcher (United), Milner (Villa); Rooney (United), Drogba (Chelsea).


hoping and always hoping. with 2 matches left and deficit of mere 1 point.

"i was hoping that stoke city could at least played with some rigid defence without chelsea exploiting their formation. i was hoping that rory delap's long throws would at least 'kucar- kacirkan' chelsea defence. i was hoping that 'si' feisty Drogba's injury would halt him from playing last night. I was hoping that Terry's absence would increase Kitson's confidence of poaching at least 1 goal. But just like what Haniey said, "In Your Dreams!!" "

So from now on, i'm calling all football fans out there (except for anti- football) to start supporting LIVERPOOL from this moment, channel your energy and shower them with your support thus making them extra- special next weekend, for that match against Chelsea. Please. 

p/s: Jom pergi end of season party. Click here.

Friday, April 23, 2010

title run- in

3 games lagi tinggal. after this chelsea kene pergi ke anfield and mnang. tottenham pulak dtg old trafford nk try snatch some points there. x tau sape ade run- in lagi susah. but anyways this season by far season plg competitive pernh aku tgk. with 3 matches to play and the champion is still to be decided. but im positive and hoping that chelsea will drop points against stokes and liverpool. firstly coz terry is serving his match ban. secondly coz im a united supporter and h*ll i hate chelsea. hahahaha.


ok aku taw program csr YTN bersama orang asli dh lame habis. tp now baru nk buat review. haha. anyways, program ni best giler. firstly coz tanggung jawab yg tnb bagi dkat scholars ytn dpt kitorg jalankan dgn tanpa banyak masalah. tu yg penting. even though ni event first kitorg bersama tp alhamdulillah semua bagi kerjasama. dgn fasi2 yg dedikasi, biro2 yg saling bantu- membantu and aku yg cheer up eeqa bila masa die tension ( die ckp )

tp yg paling penting programme ni dpt sampaikan mesej and ubah persepsi manusia terhadap orang asli. korg mesti tau pasal setereotypes. contohnya macam 

A : "org sarawak tinggal atas pokok ke?"

B: (happened to be a sarawakian) "haah aku naik rumah pakai lif tiap2 hari"

im not saying that this is literally true but ini yg diconvey ke 'sana' tiap2 hari. kalau x masakan budak2 yg well- educated dkat uni pun still tanye soalan yg same. x tau diorang being sarcastic ke ape, tp changes are needed here.

ape aku nk cakap kat sini, persepsi terhadap org asli kene diubah. bermula dari aku lah. hahaha. seyesly b4 programme start aku quite nervous, first time dealing dgn diorang. mcm mane mknan klau ade allergic, klau gaduh mcm mane nk settle. mentang2 bhagian keselamatan. tgk aku fikir yg bukan2 even b4 aku start buat programme ni. tp bila first time aku jumpe diorang, x mcm yg aku fikir. diorang comel2. (sbab aku jage pendaftaran peserta perempuan) and yg boys hensem2 bak kate makcik makanan 'yanie'. 

and lots of things, diorang punctual, x banyak masalah. dgr cakap. and pandai2 aku tgk. cakap pun sopan santun. 

2ndly, aku hepi sbab relationship dgn scholars ytn lain jadi lbih kuat. kalau mcm sbelum ni aku nampak phero aku snyum, die snyum balik. nampak thiru pun same. tp now bile dh buat kerja sama2 ni dh boleh gelak2 and aku dh boleh ejek die bile arsenal kalah anytime nanti. mane x nye tiap2 minggu meeting, problem semua kongsi same2. sampai malam last meeting tu bile 4 fasi perempuan x dpt join, ade ajk yg bermuram durja. haha scholars je yg tau. biarlah rahsia. and hopefully lpas ni kite jadi lbih rapat and buat programme yg lain same2. 

last but not least im hepi for the whole team in making this dream a reality. good job guys.

Disediakan oleh;

Zulfadhli Bin Zahudin

Biro xXx