Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Hepi 20th Besday CD. lambat sikit. i mean lambat banyak. hehe selamat enjoy menjadi tua.


salam everyone.
ahh what a relieve. final exam is over. lets put everything behind and put ur hands up praying for the best that we could get. seriously statistics wasnt easy, it wasnt supposed to indeed. even dr. ir marlinda sendiri cakap final exam nanti sgt susah, u wont have time to finish everything, even though a book with formulae is right in front of u. b4 this i always envy students yg boleh buat 'open book' exam coz i was like " woh snang gile exam boleh bukak buku" things. but now after experiencing it i can say that its not as easy as it seems. but anyways, other exams went well i guess. i hope so. :)

lets cut this edu- related chat ok. im looking forward to 13th april. yeah, im going back to kuching. ive been missing kuching the whole semester. my family, cars, friends. ya pun mun ada d kuching. maka blum cuti bah nak. haha.
btw i still have to finish ytn csr first. it is to be done in conjunction with jabatan hal ehwal orang asli. educating those 15-year old students, about how important education is and u dont want to screw ur spm up for some little things; start looking forward to the future. im quite nervous, ill be taking care of the security department. haha seriously aku x taw martial arts. aku taw tempur tanpa senjata pun mase kem plkn dulu. sarjan ape ntah ajar aku. aku x sure. tp itu pun sebut "T! T! S!" je kuat strokes semua aku x sure. ape yg aku ade buku lali dan mulut yg literally ikut ape otak aku suruh buat, wisely. haha even tho ia x akan jadi as nasty ape yg akan aku fikir. hish kene buang stigma and skeptism dlm diri ni pasal org asli. aku x, org lain. :)
theyll be fun.

last night man utd lost to bayern munich. aku x kisah pasal kalah tu. yg paling aku kisah bile rooney limp off dari padang dgn boot tercabut. terhinjut- hinjut mengerang kesakitan. ( ok aku x dgr die mengerang ) but then aku risau. sabtu ni kene lawan chelsea. then next thursday 2nd leg bayern munich at old trafford. tlg lah rooney jgn injured lame sgt. at least skip chelsea match and fit for bayern. u know with him around people arouses and x takut untuk attack. its kind of psychological bile sumone like rooney is upfront kau mcm ade confident lebih nk attack. and perang psycho dgn other teams pun berjalan lancar. but anyways i hope he makes a speedy recovery, fast enough to face bayern next thursday. insya Allah.

btw now aku dkat pd, 3 hari dkat sini. menenangkan fikiran daripada assignments tests quizzes exams semua. last night pegi pasar malam dkat poli pd and pagi ni aku sakit2 perut. ehehe. ntah ape2. hari ni x taw lagi nk buat ape, budak2 ni pun tido lagi. ke aku tido awal semalam, diorang tidur lewat. aku 4.30 dah bangun sakit perut. haha.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

for Arsenal fans

1 Target Valdes. If there’s a weak link in this team, then it’s the gaffe-prone keeper. He can’t deal with crosses, is erratic with long shots, and is so bad he’s currently Spain’s fifth choice goalkeeper. Arsenal must pepper him like an underseasoned rib-eye steak.

2. Attack the wings. Alves is a brilliant forward-charging full-back but he often leaves space at the back. So keep Arshavin high on the left flank. Maxwell is just as attacking as Alves but he doesn’t have the energy. Stick headless chicken Walcott against him, with simple-to-understand (has to be very simple in Theo’s case) instructions to run him ragged.

3 Whip endless, quick crosses into Bendtner. Barca are not a tall side, their defence is vulnerable to aerial assault and the Dane’s good with his bonce.

4 Song must play as a sweeper in front of the back four, in the way Gilberto Silva did so successfully for years. Barca’s offensive line-up is the best in the world, so we need reinforced defences.

5 Wind up Ibrahimovic. The Swede’s a whiny, temperamental type, who must be getting thoroughly narked about Messi getting all the goals and all the glory. A frequent
whisper-in-the-ear reminder of this fact is vital.

6 Show Thierry Henry the one thing he’d hate most — love. He’s already feeling guilty about even playing against us, so rub it in. Lots of pro-Henry chants from the Gooners, warm ‘you’re the man’ hugs from his old team-mates and a tearful ‘the son I lost’ kiss from Arsene Wenger should do the trick.

7 Carles Puyol has a superstition that he must always enter a pitch with his right foot. Gallas should, therefore, nudge him just as he walks on to the grass, so he has to
use his left. Sorry, but if you’re going to look like a caveman then you deserve to be treated like one.

8. Xavi and Iniesta are fantastic players but not as quick as Fabregas, Rosicky and Nasri. Possession of the ball is nine-tenths of the law in Champions League matches. We must play the fastest one-touch passing game we’ve ever played and stop their midfield getting the ball.

9 They’re not unbeatable. They lost against Rubin Kazan in the Champions League in October. Ever heard of them? Nope, nor have I.

10 Stick Clichy on Messi and I mean stick him on. With Super Glue, if necessary. The French full-back hasn’t been at his best since his return from injury but he has the
speed to keep up with him. Clichy can’t work alone, though. I’d tell Vermaelen to keep a sly eye on Messi, too — or rather bully, prod, goad, grab, trip, foul, grapple, flatten and generally annoy the little Argentine genius for 90 minutes.

p/s: gotten this from Piers Morgan's blog.

Monday, March 15, 2010

hepi besday cousin2.

nk mengucapkan a very big


to both of my cousins a. hafiz and a. naim. diorang lahir x jauh, selang brape hari je. makin tue korang. hahaha.

p/s: aku rs mcm baru smalam aku dtg rumah a. hafiz tiap2 pagi main digivice and tgk movie rumah die. sori sbab a. naim slalu xde rumah so aku x g rumah die. g rumah die pun jumpe makmok kacau die or makan nasik. hahaha.

berabuk- kesian.

good morning guys. assalamualaikum.

sgt lame aku x update blog ni. aku rasa amat bersalah actually. haha. life sgt bz dlm 1-2 bulan ni. especially this week. next week aku dh final exam for this sem.
everyone is struggling to amend their mistakes mase previous sem. aku pun same jugak.
ive been talking to myself not to repeat history. bad history, not good one.
but anyways, tonight aku ade lagi test 2 fluid mechanics. wish me luck guys.

ill be having 2 weeks of final exams. next week there will be mom, islamic studies, and statistics. and the week after next is for fluid mechanics. somehow this sem's exams schedule is not as packed as the previous one. last semester i finished the finals in 3 days. with all the subjects stacking up in 3 days. imagine how hard it was to actually finish them. but this semester with all the gaps and pauses, insya Allah everything will be 'suited' up. haha.

1 of the thigs that caught my attention is our registration session for semester 1 academic year 2010/2011. its understood that students are to update their study plans accordingly to their subjects. however some of my friends could only register 1 subject for that semester due to some misunderstandings. x kan nk amik 1 subjek je kan sem 3 nanti. in fact ramai lagi students yg jadi mcm mni sbab x di brief dgn thorough mase pre registration subject. they end up kene tunggu mase first day of sem baru nk add semua subject tu balik. itu pun klau ade kelas yg dibukak or students drop class.

actually dis sem aku x balik2 kuching lagi. patut aku rase rindu lebih kat family aku. klau dulu mid sem balik kuching. tp midsem b4 this aku duduk kampung seminggu- minggu. ( jgn ikut bad grammar ).
aku balik this time pun maybe for the last time b4 kitorang 1 family pindah ke kl. huhu sedih nk tinggal kuching. :). kwn2 aku sume dkat sini, most of my life di spend dkat sini. first love. hahahaa xde mengarut2. tp itulah, aku akan rindu kuching and driver2 nye yg x laju. tenang duduk kuching, aku rase mcm anak aku nanti lbih selamat duduk kuching dari kl. hahaha.

last weekend aku spend dgn angah. pagi2 aku amik die dkat upnm. awal aku gerak sbab rindu lame x jumpe die. then aku bwk die balik bangi and breakfast dkt 'pekan lame kopi putih'. btul2 aku titik die sbab die kate nak belanja. haha. thanx angah. die crite ramai budak2 u die yg dh lari or keluar kan diri. bayar rm11000. mcm football player beli kontrak die nk kluar dari team tu sbab nk pindah team lain. tp die still bertahan dgn kerenah kehidupan dkat u yg hectic. good luck bro. haha

now dgn credit crunch di hujung semester semua tu. aku jumpe 1 port baru untuk makan tapi dgn banyak tp still save money untuk mase depan. haha. 1 heck of a meal actually. nasi ayam, quarter chicken, 4 choices- black pepper, roasted, honey, dgn satu lagi aku x igt; and satu air fresh orange. sumenye dlm RM3.99. gile x gile weyy. hahahah. dahlah 4 ringgit, mmg save banyak untuk meal yg tip-top mcm tu. now tiap2 meal nk makan nasi ayam je. muke pun dah mcm ayam. bukan bapak ayam or ayam2 itu. haha. klau aku taw lame ade tempat yg murah mcm ni, mmg banyak je savings towards the end of the sem. hehe. tempat ape tu? haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

1 more, sewa apartment dh naik rm800. and ade ura2 yg mengatakan (aku x boleh ckp kat sini sbab x konfirm lagi) ura2 nya kitorg kene bayar .... membuatkan aku berfikir sejenak nk duduk dalam lagi ke sem depan ni. banyak duit habis bayar sewa apartment je nanti. hmmm.

ok i hv to go study now. mlm ni ade test. lega sikit dh menulis2 ni.
hehe. wish u all good health and prosperity.