Wednesday, November 25, 2009

4 hours after swak

hello is 2.42 am waktu selayang. i wonder pkul brape masa kat malaysia now.

anyways, org lain semua dh tidor. aku je x tido lagi. tgh tunggu match man u vs besiktas. plan nk tgk kat website man utd je. text coverage. hopefully man utd mnang or at least kekalkan rekod tanpa kalah dlm CL. ape2 pun, takziah kpade fans liverpool yg support liverpool i mean yg really support bukan caca marba name keeper pun xtau, sbab dah kicked out from CL by fiorentina. they won yesterday, but it wasnt enough for them as fiorentina beat lyon at home 1-0 the same night. i know ho do u feel, especially after all the hype that u will be excel home and abroad this season. but anyways, dont wanna comment any further. gud luck in europa league ok!haha..

tadi dlm pkul 9.40 arrived at klia. amat skejap journey malam ini (B737), x tau knape. sbab mlm traffic kurang kot. lagipun org cuti skolah. plane pun byk cuti kowt. haha..dahlah tadi adik lelaki aku sibuk cakap awan dania dkat lpas tu die ckp awan dania ade dlm tv je, xde dalam kapal terbang.
seperti biasa, airline food dihidangkan, iopted for nasi goreng and chicken sweet sour. not that bad. sbab aku tgh lapar. and one more thing, landing agak teruk tadi. laju smacam je. pilot muda kot.

esok, x tau lagi ade aktiviti ape kat selayang ni. kene masak ke ape ke. tp ape2 pun kene serbu pasar yg menjadi favourite aku sedari kecil ni. pasar dpan rumah ni. mcm2 ada..nk beli cendol, air soya..hahaha..and x sabar tunggu sedara mara pulang ke kampung berhari raya haji bersama2...

uwarghh..sejam lagi baru match start..sabar don.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


i still remember, mase aku skolah kat miri dulu. aku pindah dari kuching. SK matang jaya. there, i was the student to beat. aku dpt no. 1, trailing my frens by 2 or 3 points je...hahah...time tu competition amat cdih sbab by darjah 2, aku dh kene pindah miri..yeahh..another environment..and this time i entered the school as a stranger. aku igt lagi sbab dulu aku suke tolong Rancangan Makanan Tambahan..aku tau aku x layak nak bile aku tolong angkat, aku dpt makan free jugak.

so one day aku truskan keje seperti biase...time rehat aku bergegas pegi bilik guru nk agihkan makanan rmt. makanan time tu ialah mee hoon. sdap wooo..aku pun angkat lah mee tu..dgn seorang kawan. tibe2 aku nak pijak satu anak tangga and slipped accidentally. nescaya semua mee tu jatuh bersepai di atas tanah. mase tu aku rasa nak nangis...bersalah sangat..sbab aku baru jatuhkan semua mee untuk makanan pelajar2 susah yg sedang kelaparan. bayangkan aku br hancurkan harapan diorang semua..uarghhhhhh...tu antara perkara yg x dapat aku lupakan kat skolah tu. SK South diberi nama.

and one more thing, aku punye markah purata sama dgn markah seorang budak ni. sblum ni die top scorer skolah. tp bile aku sampai ni jadi nya. so cikgu x dpt nk bagi siape2 no1 or no2..tibe2 die dpt idea untuk tgk markah bm. siape lagi tinggi , die dpt no 1.hahaha..guess what..aku dpt no 1. gadis tu tadi trus keluar bilik guru dgn sedihnya. if ure reading this which i know u wouldnt..sbab dh lame sgt sy x nampak or kontek awk. her name is Tengku Nur Nadia binti Tengku Abdul Malek. die kerabah Sultan Kedah. whoaa..

im moving.

hello guys..
writing from our own comfort zone really gives a boost of what we wanna write. i just love home. kuching. yeah, bukan kl or n.9...coz i was raised here, for the whole 19 years of my life. although the earlier part of my childhood was spent in selayang..rumah atok aku.

what i wanna write doesnt conjure the whole story, but anyways..aku br lpas kmas barang2, packing semua. nak balik kl esok malam. flight 8.45. i tot this would be the normal balik thingy, leaving home for the sake of studying in uni10, which ive been doing whole-heartedly. but this time, i MAYBE leaving this home for the last time..i dont know..everything seems unclear when abah told us that we're going back to kl (pindah), and this means we'll be living in our own house in seremban. the reason for the transfer, same macam bace bab2 sejarah time skolah dulu. NNS , NNMB, NNMTB, nak digabungkan di bawah satu pentadbiran. nak kurang kan kos pentadbiran dan menyeragamkan quality.

i feel happy, yes thinking that ill be able to balik rumah every weekend, not having to suffer..haha, sbab mls nk pegi makan sendiri...since my family pn dh dekat, it'll be a very big boost for myself and angah, untuk menempa kejayaan yg lebih utuh untuk masa hadapan. haha...yes , im happy.. but some partitions of my heart, telling me not to let go these years that ive spent in this very home of ours. i still remember being transferred from kuching to miri, then to sibu and blk kuching balik. ill write the names of my classmates, or everyone yg dah touched my by one..reminscing the memories that i had with every single one of them. and ill cry..hahaha..lawak btul bile pkir balik yg i cried..hahah..

regardless of what those people said about how low standard sarawak is..of course most of them have never been here; what they have in mind is coherent with what have been shown in tv, rainforests, rumah panjang, sungai, gunung..GTH!! sarawak isnt about all these things je..bukak minda sikit of my lecturer ade cakap yang kereta paling mewah dkat sarawak and sabah ialah kancil..hahahahahaa...die x tgk kereta aku lagi..x tgk kereta org sebelah rumah depan rumah belakang rumah taman sebelah kampung seberang lagi. bukak mata please b4 buat conclusions? thanx a lot..

but anyways, this whole transfer thing blum konfirm ura2 is end of this year...but abah said it might change to end of next year, mid, or bile2 sahaja.. but the plan is there. and once it really gonna happen, ill cherish all the time i had here...surely, ill be coming back for .... sake after lots of years..Insya Allah...

Monday, November 23, 2009

cheques to be abolished

Cheques are to be abolished under controversial plans being drawn up by bankers.

They are widely expected to vote next month for the chequebook to be consigned to history.

Yesterday, the move was criticised by consumer groups, business lobbyists and charities representing the elderly.

They raised fears that vulnerable people, who have relied on their chequebook all their lives, will be left confused.

Many others simply prefer to pay by cheque, instead of by direct debit or bank transfer.

The Payments Council said its research shows the number of cheques being written every day has fallen dramatically in recent years.

At their peak in 1990, around 11million cheques were written every day. Latest figures show the number has dropped to around 3.8million.

Cheques, which were first used in Britain 350 years ago, are also an expensive form of payment for banks.

They cost around £1 each to process, which is four times as much as electronic payments.

The council's 15-strong board - made up of 11 banking representatives and four independents - will take a decision on December 16.

The most likely date for cheques to be phased out in the UK is 2018.

A growing number of stores including John Lewis and Tesco have stopped accepting cheques.

Stores claim they are the most insecure form of payment and that abolishing them cuts queues at checkouts.

But cheques are still widely used for making payments to tradesmen and for utility bills.

Government departments, such as HM Revenue & Customs and the Department for Work and Pensions, rely on cheques to make millions of payments each year.

Andrew Harrop, head of public policy at Age Concern and Help the Aged, said: 'Many older people use cheques and cash for all their transactions and are uncomfortable with alternative payment methods, such as credit or debit cards with PIN numbers.

'To prevent older people becoming financially excluded, any plans to end the use of cheques must ensure there are alternative ways of paying which they are happy using.'

Vera Cottrell, of the consumer lobby group Which?, said: 'There are still no cheap, safe alternatives to cheques. Until that time, cheques should not be withdrawn.'

The Federation of Small Businesses said it will 'strongly oppose' any move to get rid of cheques.

Sandra Quinn, a director of the Payments Council, said: 'We are completely aware that elderly, disabled and disadvantaged people need alternatives to be in place.

'If the decision is made [to end the cheque], there will be a long time before it comes into effect.'

Count down to 2018?

  • The ancient Romans are believed to have used an early form of cheque known as praescriptiones in the first century BC
  • The English word cheque comes from the Arabic ṣakk, which refers to a written note of credit used by Muslim merchants
  • The first cheque in the UK was written in 1659
  • Cheques are likely to be abolished in Britain in 2018
  • Cheque volumes in the UK peaked in 1990 when 4 billion were written
  • The predicted number of cheques written per day in the UK in 2018 is 1.6m
  • The number of cheques received each year by the average adult is five
  • The average value of a personal cheque payment is £227
  • The amount of retail spending still paid for by cheque is 3.9 per cent
  • Oversized cheques are often used during charity events and, regardless of size, can still be redeemed for their cash value as long as they have the same parts as a normal cheque
  • According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the largest ever oversized cheque was 12m by 25m (39 ft × 82 ft)

Sunday, November 22, 2009




seriously they never threatened...i love the game so was an open game, with both sides attacking sesuka hati. however tottenham gained the upper hand as the match ended. this is said to be the 2nd highest scoring spree in a game; in the history of Barclays Premier League. 9 goals in a match, this aint an exhibition and robbie keane wasnt playing. Defoe is well on top of his game with 6 goals...what a match..gud job tottenham

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Chelsea 4-0 Wolverhampton
LiverFOOL 2-2 Manchester City
ARSEnal 0-1 Sunderland

tu yg paling penting aku highlight..hahaha..

and 1 more thing...

New Zealand 19-6 England

Thursday, November 19, 2009

7 senses of a rugby player

yeahh...a spirited next sem!!!!

top 10 players

i got this from's an article about young prodigies who have made their appearances in the English League by storm. alright, starting from no. 10,

10 Alan Smith

Smith made a dramatic start to his career with Leeds by scoring on his debut against Liverpool, shortly after turning 19 in November 1998. He went on to become a key figure in the team that very nearly won the Champions League when he was 20. Moved to Manchester United after Leed's relegation and is now with Newcastle United in the Championship.

Alan Smith

No 10: Alan Smith

Nicolas Anelka

No 9: Nicolas Anelka

9 Nicolas Anelka

Made an immediate impact on the Premier League after his move to Arsenal from Paris Saint-Germain as a 17-year-old in February 1997. His performances in his second season saw him pick up the PFA Young Player of the Year Award. A tour around a number of European clubs - which included stints at Manchester City and Liverpool - has come to an end with a settled position in the Chelsea team.

8 Joe Cole

A player that got everyone very excited when he burst on to the scene as a 17-year-old in 1998. The most skilful young midfielder the country had seen since Paul Gascoigne was instantly loved in east London, but relegation in 2003 deemed he would leave in the season he was voted West Ham's Player of the Year. Enjoying success with Chelsea and, if he can stay injury-free, should feature in Fabio Capello's squad for next summer's World Cup.

Joe Cole of West Ham

No 8: Joe Cole

Rio Ferdinand, West Ham United

No 7: Rio Ferdinand

7 Rio Ferdinand

A West Ham academy player that turned into an international star - a story we've repeated quite a few times in compiling this List. Ferdinand was a star over at the Boleyn Ground from his first kick and after the 1997-98 season, Ferdinand won the Hammer of the Year award at 19. Now a hero for Manchester United and a regular with England.

6 Cristiano Ronaldo

The prodigious talent the Portuguese displayed was such that it persuaded Sir Alex Ferguson to shell out £12.24million for the 18-year-old in 2003. He soon became one of the most skilful and powerful players the Premier League has ever seen. Moved to Real Madrid for a world record £80m last summer after winning it all at Old Trafford.

Cristiano Ronaldo

No 6: Cristiano Ronaldo

Cesc Fabregas

No 5: Cesc Fabregas

5 Cesc Fabregas

There may be just a litle annoyance over in Barcelona after letting the 16-year-old Fabregas leave on a free in 2003. Made his debut for Arsenal aged 16 years and 177 days to became Arsenal's youngest ever first-team player and then youngest goalscorer in their history with a strike in the League Cup. Has since gone on to become one of the most accomplished midfielder's in Gunners history.

4 Robbie Fowler

Known as God on the Kop, for a very simple reason: he scored goals and buckets of them from the moment he first pulled on Liverpool's red jersey aged 18. For example he scored five in just his second first-team appearance in 1993. Has continued to score goals wherever he has gone and is currently knocking them in for North Queensland Fury in Australia.

Robbie Fowler

No 4: Robbie Fowler

Ryan Giggs

No 3: Ryan Giggs

3 Ryan Giggs

The most exceptional professional he's worked with at Old Trafford is the emphatic endorsement Giggs received from Sir Alex Ferguson. And Giggs deserves it. The most decorated player in English football history made such an impact on the Premier League that he won the PFA Young Player if the year Award in consecutive seasons 1992/93 and 1993/94. Now 35, he's still at United - where else?

2 Michael Owen

Owen announced his name to the football world when he received the ball from David Beckham, skipped past Roberto Ayala and Jose Chamot then cut the ball across Carlos Roa in goal to finish off an astounding goal. The fact that this happened at the 1998 World Cup Finals and he was only 18 years old made it all the more dramatic. Suffered a miserably with injuries but now back in the big time with Manchester United.

Michael Owen

No 2: Michael Owen

Everton's Wayne Rooney

No 1: Wayne Rooney

1 Wayne Rooney

Every country needs a hero, a supply of footballing geniuses who bring hopes and dreams to a new generation, convincing us that the next World Cup really can be ours. Right now that man is Wayne Rooney.

Just 16, he was brought to our attention in the most dramatic of fashions with a late, late winner against Arsenal in October 2002 and became the BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year soon after.

His talent soon grew so quickly that it was obvious he needed to be at a bigger club and a £26m move to United meant that the boy who said he would always a blue became a red.

Continues to improve and his desire to not just win but dominate games single-handedly makes us think that, with South Africa just around the corner, 'what if.'

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


memandangkan mlm ni aku x de nak buat ape, tadi pun baru balik dari rumah nenek angkat (ade ke?), aka nek lah..yap, kitorg mmg dh rapat sjak dari dulu lagi. kitorg dtg sarawak, diorang dh ade kat cni meniaga dkat simpang nk masuk MRSM kuching tu. one thing aku suke pasal beliau ialah generosity beliau memberi makan free setiap kali aku dtg ke gerai beliau. seronok lah kalau abah ajak pegi rumah cik lah dulu sbab leh makan free. favourite aku dulu ialah maggie kari..haha, yelah budak2 kan..time tu blom ade big apple lagi, krispy kreme, ataupun domino's pizza..makan jelah maggie. so td kitorg pegi melatwat die lah tadi sbab die sakit2 sikit. but anyways, aku bukan nk blog pasal im blogging about something that has nothing inside. kosong. aku pun x tau nk tulis aku nak letak gambar2 time aku buat lab material..budak2 ni semua semangat berlakon mcm serious sgt mase lab konon2 tgh buat ujikaji yg penting2 whatsoever. padahal rmai yg melepak (bukan semua, termasuk aku) ambik gambar..ahaha pic amat wajib b4 experiment.

"piling ni pakai yg smalam punye je,"

frust projek x jadi

"xde org nampak!"

then mase kelas drawing..sperti biasa org akan curik handphone aku nk curik2 amik gambar aku gune fon aku sendiri. pelik kan??

taulah aku tgh lukis title block je..hahaha

and this thing has been haunting me all dis while..still in progres..runsing aku mmikirkannya..

p/s: aku x sure nak letak post aku ni title ape.haha

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Brazil 1-0 England

Wayne Rooney admitted England were outclassed last night in Doha as they were lucky to avoid a heavier defeat against the world's No1 team.

Brazil sealed victory with a wonderful goal two minutes after half-time by Nilmar. It could have been worse had Luis Fabiano not blazed a penalty - conceded by keeper Ben Foster - over the bar.

Wayne Rooney

Rooney said: 'Brazil were the better team and they deserved to win. We created some chances and I thought we were unlucky not to have a free-kick on the edge of the box in the first half, when I was brought down.

'We're very disappointed with the goal. We should have put more pressure on the ball, and I'm not sure how he got between the defenders.

Wayne Rooney

No way through, Roo: Rooney (right) challenged by Felipe Melo De Carvalho

'It was a difficult game, not just because of the conditions but Brazil are a very difficult team to play against. They make you chase the ball and you need to do that for 90 minutes. But we are better than we showed tonight.

'But still, captaining England was a proud moment for me and my family. I will treasure it for the rest of my life.'

England went into the desert shorn of a handful of first-team stars and a defiant Fabio Capello is convinced his team will be a match for the Brazilians when the likes of Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard, John Terry and Rio Ferdinand are wearing the Three Lions.

'This XI of Brazil is a very good team - but our first XI is a good team,' said the Italian.

'We played against the best team in the world and I find a lot of positives. We did some things well, but it is very difficult to play against Brazil because they are a very good team, the best we have played.'

SAF to be replaced

Jose Mourinho and Laurent Blanc are eyeing the top job at Manchester United.

Current manager Sir Alex Ferguson, 67, continues to go from strength to strength and is showing no sign of loosening his grip at United just yet.

But the Old Trafford hierarchy are already putting together a shortlist of candidates in preparation for the legendary Scot’s inevitable retirement.

Laurent Blanc
Jose Mourinho

Heir to the throne: Laurent Blanc and Jose Mourinho

And former Chelsea boss Mourinho has thrown his hat into the ring for the role.

He said: ‘I am thinking about the future in terms of youth development and the age structure of my first team but Italy is not the country for this.

'England is the country. And my football is English football.'

While, according to the Sunday Mirror, Blanc’s impressive spell at French club Bordeaux has made him one of the front runners for Ferguson’s job once he decides to step aside.

The ex-Manchester United defender would jump at the chance to manage one of Europe’s giants.

Portugal national boss and Ferguson’s former assistant Carlos Queiroz is also in the frame.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

guitar hero

hello i had not much things to be done at home. pretty much ambik and hantar adik skolah je. haaa, jemur kain jugak. dah lame x jemur kain sjak duk uni ni.haha..selain itu jalan2 kat dunia maya ni je, sambil menghabiskan tugasan yang telah ditugaskan oleh abah bagi ku. membaca buku dokumentari. the book is about malays in afghanistan. kinda interesting. had flipped through some of the pages, just wanna see the overview of the book.

then aku berjalan2 and found dis video. sgt menarik sbab kalau korg tau pasal guitar hero, korg mesti minat. the early part of this vid ade sorg mamat main gitar gune guitar hero, goreng2 lagu die. pastu moving on to the real 'guitar hero' funtwo and sorg mamat latin-like. funtwo ni yg ade video kat youtube yg hits berpuluh juta tu, main lagu concerto in d by mozart. eh ye ke?aku x igt lah..but anyways, best sbab diorang duel guitar lah. tu je. haha.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Saturday, November 7, 2009


tahniah pasukan Negeri Sembilan. although i wasnt made in N.9 or produced here, tp my parents are from N.9. so i should be very happy bcoz Sarawak is no longer competing at their usual level ( they used to be so handal and been in final piala malaysia once, beaten soundly by brunei, i still remember that night ) and selangor pun dh xde. anayways,


Friday, November 6, 2009

Pengumuman penting MAN UTD

Manchester United telah mengumumkan bahawa mereka ingin menukar duta kelab yang asal "Red Devils" kepada ikon baru. Ikon ini nescaya akan menyuntik semangat baru kepada semua pemain setelah kehilangan 'talismen' Ronaldo dan Tevez. Ikon baru itu ialah...


p/s: Tahniah dan selamat maju jaya

retorik sgt...

ahhh...(bunyi sakit belakang)

now k. fazilina (mind the spelling) a.k.a kazen aku ade d rumah melepak. beliau seorang tentera yang tampak komited dgn tugas. tiba2 baru aku sedar betapa masa sudah berlalu dan kenangan meninggalkan kita; secara rakusnya mengubah realiti dan keinginan kita. kalau dulu dia dan kami kazen mazen selalu main baling selipar, cerita hantu, pepsi kola and semua game2 zaman kanak2 yg seronok. sampai toknyang aku pun marah kitorg main baling2 selipar dpan rumah die sbab tkt ade yg terbaling but bola sepak. and honestly aku rindu time2 kcik dulu. aku beruntung jugak sbab range umur aku dan cousins semua x jauh. sbab kitorg ada batch. means batch aku yg umur range 16-2o ke atas. then dtg generasi baru batch adik2 aku yg umur diorang x jauh. n diorang hepi bermain bersama. membuatkan aku cemburu dgn diorang. nk je rase jadi kecik semula, masukkan mercun mancis dalam taik lembu dan tgk ia explode dari jauh. huuu, rinduu giler.

berbalik kepada k. fazilina ni tadi die dulu suke cerita hantu. n die pandai bercerita. tadi kitorg satu famili makan bersama beliau dan die still x berubah mcm time aku kcik2 dulu. pandai bercerita. but dis time the story that she brought is merely a totally different one, more serious but yet enjoyable. now semua org pun dh remaja, and dh ade points and hala tuju masing2. she told us stories about her military experiencessss (eh ade 's' ke)..dh jadi askar dah die..rase mcm baru semalam mandi kolah ramai2 dgn kazen mazen pastu gambar kene snap simpan dlm album n pakat gelak tgk balik n cakap "eh kau punye dulu..", eh dah2..gile ape..haha..but then its good that diorang semua jadi orang, xde yg jadi beruk ataupun burung or anything yg tidak mendatangkan kesan kepada nusa bangsa dan negara. Alhamdulillah.

p/s: btw sesiap yg single (lelaki sahaja) and berumur 22 tahun ke atas sila comment sbab k. fazilina tgh carik balak.haha..

beza man n woman

1. Waktu lunch, jalan ke tempat makan
2. Sampai kedai makan, masuk
3. Ambik Pinggan
4. Letak nasi
5. Letak Lauk
6. Ke kaunter, Bayar nasi dan Air Sekali
7. Makan
8. Habis
9. Balik Opis or
10. G surau

1. Waktu lunch, jalan ke kedai makan
2. Perhatikan orang waktu jalan
3. Sempat mengumpat dulu
4. Sambil jalan betulkan tudung, tgk baju sendiri, tgk kaki
5. Tengok baju orang lain, especially yang cantik dr baju sendiri.
6. Sampai kedai makan, jenguk-jenguk dulu
7. Ramai orang, cari kedai lain.
8. Jalan lagi
9. Dah puas ati.. masuk..
10. Survey lauk dulu 2, 3 minit.
11. Carik2 pinggan, ambik pinggan
12. Belek-belek pinggan, bersih ke?? tak bersih?.. eeeeiiii. .
13. Dah puas ati, ambik nasi
14. Ambik nasi ceduk sikit-sikit
15. Tak sah kalau tak ceduk 2/3 kali
16. Buang balik nasi. banyak. .
17. Tak puas ati, banyak lagi.. buang lagi..(tinggal sejemput)
18. Godek2 sikit nasi dalam pinggan 2minit
19. Carik lauk. Survey dulu keliling meja. Tenguk sana, tenguk sini
20. Jengok dlm bekas lauk, ambik kuah sikit
21. Jengok bekas lauk lain, ceduk kuah sikit lagi
22. Jengok lagi? sambil tu tengok2 orang, jeling-jeling
23. Ambil lauk
24. Pusing lagi
25. Carik sayur pulak!
26. Ambik sayur selepas survey dan keliling 2 minit
27. Ke kaunter bayaran
28. Tgk2 nasi dlm pinggan
29. Berbisik ngan kawan "alaamak byk la aku ambik"
30. Sampai depan kaunter "berapa?"
31. Bukak dompet.. belek2 celah kad2 bank, celah kad2 nama, celah gambar2..
32. Keluarkan duit
33. Buat isyarat mata ngan member (sbb nasi mahal)
35. Tutup dompet. Ambik nasi
36. Tinjau-tinjau tempat duduk.
37. Jumpa tempat duduk.. alamak kotorlah!!!
38. Cari tempat duduk lain
39. Jumpa. Duduk. .
40. Alamak. Air tak order lagi
41. Tinjau2, carik org order air.. sambil tangan betulkan0 tudung
42. Order air
43. Bangun
44. Ambik sudu
45. Duduk
46. Bangun
47. Ambik Tisu
48. Duduk
49. Air sampai
50. Belek dompet (Step tadi)
51. Bayar
52. Tutup
53. Minum air
54. Start makan
55. Tengok-tengok orang sambil makan
56. Makan separuh.. kenyang
57. Sebab dah minum air
58. Letak sudu, letak garpu
59. Pinggan tolak tepi
60. Borak2 kater makanan tak sedap
61. Ngumpat2.. tgk orang
62. Pukul 2, naik opis..
63. Ambik beg makeup, g surau!!!!!

credit to HIM

Thursday, November 5, 2009


panassss...hihi..dh tutup akaun korang skarg...kalau nak score exam.


azrai klau kau bace


i dont know...persaingan 2 penjuru mmg sentiasa wujud dlm kehidupan ni. contohnya ADIDAS and NIKE.INTERNET EXPLORER and MOZILLA...MICROSOFT and APPLE..TIMES SQUARE and MIDVALLLEY.. SATOK and KUCHING PLAZA ( eh lupe dah tutup )..MANCHESTER UNITED and LIVERPOOL..PS and paling berdarah ialah FIFA and PES..

ape aku nk cakap ialah recently FIFA10 and PES2010 dh keluar, n now smua tgh sibuk buat reviews pasal bende2 ni. over the years aku sentiasa support FIFA, tp aku rs now dh berubah sbab PES2010. you better check this title out coz its so 'menyengat'. n PES2010 dpt kritikan melambung n top chart skarg. with FIFA trailing behind beberapa anak tangga. ak x nak cakap banyak tp

AZRAI OK AKU KALAH...balik uni nanti battle kalau berani.

p/s: sori kalau korg x faham..

alone forever.

aku bukan jenis pendendam or whatsoever benda yg sewaktu dengan nya.kalau aku marah aku cpat cool n aku lupe aku yg aku marah n sape yg aku marah. syukur aku ade perangai mcm ni. kadang2 aku jadi marah kat diri sendiri pulak bile dh hilang marah kat org lain kjap sgt. tp marah aku dis time, aku x boleh halang. n now when ure going down aku amat gembira. mmg kau deserve nasib mcm ni. berlagak, mulut bau longkang. perasan bagus padahal x bagus mana. semua yg kau ade cume kenangan je, history yg x boleh drive kau forward. and aku ckup kesian pade kau baru2 ni mmg kau amat teruk. sori emo sgt malam ni. aku cukup seronok sbenarnya.

ok now korg dah faham terima kasih. kalau x faham tanye yang faham.
"You'll forever walk alone"

router j***m

finally the drought ends...internet di rumah sudah pulih sepenuhnya. cuba bayangkan a big blow yg aku dpt bile pagi sabtu tu abah call and he said, "internet xde. rosak.".




aku terkesima, terkejut cuba bermain dgn perasaanku dgn menidakkan apa yang aku rasa. ahh, internet xde. cc matang jaya ade kan.haha..but anyways nk jadi cerita the tm technician should repair ke ntah ape one of their tiang kabel coz kene sambar petir. and they said that the internet should be ok by monday. however till 4 in the afternoon, the line is still down. my router kept blinking mcm bom jangka...aku decided untuk call tm and nak tanye lah pasal benda ni. then diorang refer balik report yg abah buat and she ( operator ) said "report ni closed without any appropriate action"....


aku tekesima lagi..double blow for me. dhlah mlm b4 tu aku pegi cc, awek sbelah aku main friendster. aku nak gelak n tukar status kat fb x sampai hati.

but then aku buat report baru n the technician came the day after. he said my router rosak and kene tukar router. so abah pegi tm and solved lah problem internet aku dgn router baru. bah syukur lah itu.